6 Essential Hospitality Skills to Become an Ace Hotelier

The Hospitality Industry is one of the most diverse industries. It is a vast and ever-expanding industry. It is said that 1 out of 10 people on Earth would be employers to hospitality and tourism by the next decade. So, the competition is huge and to become an ace hotelier one must possess some essential skills to stay an edge ahead of competitors. Here in this article, we present a few of the essential hospitality skills for having a great career in hospitality. 

All Ace hoteliers have a few things in common. If you are a hotelier you would already know the key differences between a successful hotelier and an average bloke at your hotel. A list of skills for successful hotel manager must include those mentioned in this post.

What’s that X Factor in the hospitality industry?

How to become an ace hotelier? What hospitality skills need to be developed to give your career new wings?

This is what we discuss in some details in this post. We have compiled 6 essential skills that give a clear competitive edge to hoteliers. 

Let’s begin!


 6 Essential Hospitality Skills for a Great Career


6 Essential Hospitality Skills to Become an Ace Hotelier


Hard working, smart worker, quick thinker are now no more a delight anymore. These are all pre-requisites to keep moving forward in the hospitality industry. Skills in the hospitality industry are slightly different from those required in various other industries. However, all these hospitality industry skills are transferable across industries.

You need more than just these to become an ace hotelier. We have covered a few tips to become an ace hotelier in one of our earlier post. We take that further through the following 6 essential hospitality skills. 


  1. Cultural Awareness 


When working in the hospitality industry, you can expect to deal with people of various nationality. 

All Hotels and hospitality organisations expect and welcome guests from all parts of the world. 

A High level of cultural awareness is probably the topmost hospitality skill. To succeed as a hotelier, you must have high acceptance from the team and understanding culture helps you get along well with everyone.

Check out the Cultural Iceberg Model (Courtesy- Researchgate) to know how crucial it is to have a clear understanding of culture and how can that help in organisational success.



A better cultural awareness helps us get beneath the iceberg to understand people from the various cultural background. It helps the hoteliers in managing a bigger team in the most productive ways and in the process they keep climbing up the success ladder.


2. Communication and Language Skills


It is not very uncommon for ace hoteliers to be fluent in multiple international languages. 

Knowledge of various languages helps a hotelier interact well with both customers and stakeholders which are normally from multiple countries.

Building a good rapport starts with great communication skills. Thus effective communication and knowledge of multiple languages are crucial hospitality skills for success in the hospitality industry. 


3. Being Tech Savvy


Yes, you can no more complain that you don’t love technology. 

Importance of Information Technology in the hospitality industry is huge. It is one of the success factors for the hospitality industry and thus embracing technology is a key to becoming successful in this industry. 

So, no more excuses, please. Get trained in technology if you are not already a tech-savvy hotelier. 


Image Courtesy- Pinterest



4. Interpersonal Skills


Now, this looks like an obvious one. For this is a must in all CVs. However, we are referring to this key hospitality skill in a different context.

It is important for a hotelier to put this skill into practice at work not only with customers but also with team members.

We mention it here because it is a skill that involves effective dealing with a person or multiple people.

It is a combination of several winning hospitality skills which include but are not limited to the below.


  • Communication skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Persuasiveness
  • Assertiveness
  • Listening Skills
  • Team Building


Check a few more of these in the list of interpersonal skills by Balancecareer. 




5. Self Assessment skills


It is extremely important for a hotelier to keep assessing himself/herself.

Various Self Assessment tools help you strengthen your character and succeed in the hospitality industry which at times can get extremely demanding.

Always evaluating strengths and weaknesses through various self-assessment tools help hoteliers keep a track of their growth and shortcomings.

A colourful and prosperous career is what can be expected by developing the skill of self-assessment.


6. Emotional Intelligence


This is one of the most essential hospitality skills in the current era. Emotional intelligence is said to the missing connection between strong IQ and real success. We see a lot of intelligent people perform below par while a lot with average intelligence gain extreme success.

According to various published journals developing skills related to Emotional intelligence can help people manage stress, to work better in teams and in becoming a better leader. All of these are associated with extreme success not only in the hospitality industry but almost everywhere. 

One of the articles in Lifehack explains the importance of Emotional Intelligence at workplace through the below image that reproduces research by Dr Travis Bradberry. Have a look.



The infographic is self-explanatory and explains how emotional intelligence can be the best skill to develop for a successful career in the hospitality industry.


Final Words


Here you go, some of the most essential hospitality skills for success in the hospitality industry.

It is important to mention that soft skills would keep gaining prominence as the knowledge economy keeps expanding. It is important for the hospitality industry and the people involved to keep evolving and improving for gaining and retaining competitive advantages.

Creativity and people management skills would be crucial along with several other soft skills which would become more crucial in the coming decade. People management is actually one of the Big 5 Personality traits specific to the hospitality industry.

More of the top traits for the 2020s is beautifully presented in this illustration by the World Economic Forum.



Hope you liked this quick compilation of 6 Essential Hospitality skills to help you become an ace hotelier. 


About the Author
Manish Jha is the Cofounder of Global Hospitality Portal (SOEG).
A Hospitality professional with over 10 years of industry experience. He is a believer in compassionate leadership and co-creation. It is through this philosophy, that he aims to create a robust hospitality platform created for and by hospitality professionals.