6 Must-Have Content Interaction Tools for Hospitality Business Owners

Technology has already changed the way we live our life in a drastically way. Actually, there are very few things we’re doing these days that don’t involve technology. Even reading a book online is an indirect connection to technology. Thus content interaction tools are crucial for all businesses including the hospitality business.

As well, the development of technology has radically changed the way business is done today. For instance, the hospitality business was a modest, humble business model whose purpose was to simply provide a place to rest and sleep when you’re far from home.  

Today, the hospitality business relies mostly on technology and it has become a top business model. The modest and simple was replaced with luxurious and comfortable. The technology expansion in the hospitality business is in full expansion, intending to consistently improve the guest’s experience.

Therefore, if you own a hospitality business and you want to keep up with the latest trends, in today’s post, we’re presenting 6 must-have content interaction tools for hospitality business owners.

1. Hyper-Personalization

One thing that every hospitality business owner should know about his customers is that they like to feel special and important. They like to know that someone cares about their needs. Today, thanks to Google’s search engine and Facebook’s data sharing, every business owner can easily identify his guests’ status, needs, and expectations.

For instance, some hotels collect data concerning their guests’ birth date, and if they happen check-in on their birthday, the hotel will provide a delicious birthday cake to surprise them. But technology took this personalization to another level.

Today, you can memorize your comfort preferences and set it up automatically. Therefore, by the time you enter the room, the lights will be adjusted as per your request, the same as the temperature and even the TV channels.

2. Location-Based Interactions

Location-based interaction is not a particularly new thing but is definitively something that people love. Most people who travel are not really familiar with the surroundings, so choosing a good place to enjoy your meal can be sometimes difficult.

Of course, you can ask the hotel’s staff questions about the surroundings and great advice, but wouldn’t it be faster, easier, and comfortable to have all this information at one touch away? Not to mention that location-based interaction is more accurate than human interactions.

More and more hotels use location-based interaction. Their purpose is to make sure that their guest’s experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. This is also a way to attract more clients, because who doesn’t want to stay at a place where the company already took care of everything that you may need?

3. Mobile Door Key

The mobile door key is a fascinating invention. No more losing or forgetting the key, and no more inconveniences at all. Our mobiles will be able to replace all the simple accessories from our life. The mobile phone has already started to replace credit cards, now key doors are next in line.

The mobile door key is a fascinating invention. No more losing or forgetting the key, and no more inconveniences at all. Our mobiles will be able to replace all the simple accessories from our life. The mobile phone has already started to replace credit cards, now key doors are next in line.

It’s really fascinating that something as simple as a door key has evolved so much on technology scale. From a simple metal piece to a key card and now a complex data code that can be decrypted only by your phone. Several hotels already implemented mobile door key feature and the guests are loving this comfort.

4. Guest Applications

When you’re in the hospitality industry, all your goals are revolving around the customer experience and what you can do to enhance it. There’s so much you can do about it. You can create special hotel services, seasonally and loyalty programs, conferences, family activities, and much more. 

Through a phone application, you can notify your guests about every event and activity that is going to take place during their staying along with the itinerary and a map of the surroundings. 

5. Guestroom Personalization

Personalizing your guest’s experience can lead to nothing but extraordinary results, especially if your hotel policy is focused on quality rather than quantity. For example, some top hotels are doing their homework every time an important person books a reservation.

This way, they’ll know what the person needs. This leads to better user experience, and it can be done almost effortlessly. For example, if ten professional gamers book five rooms, all those five rooms should be optimized for their needs: higher internet speed, increased comfort, energy drinks, etc.

6. Self Service

Today, people seek for more and more independence and less human interaction, especially when it comes to simple tasks. That’s why many people prefer to use technology and serve themselves. 

For instance, why check-in at the hotel, do some small talk and lose time when you could do it all faster and easier with the use of your phone?

People like to feel comfortable and in full control of their life, that’s why remote check-in and check-out is so popular these days. As well, several hotels have already developed mobile apps that allow their guest to order room service from the luxury of their own phone.


Sooner, rather than later, the guest experiences at hotels will be similar to the ones from Sci-Fi movies. The interaction with the hotel’s staff will be limited as you’ll be able to do almost everything from your very own phone like a door key, self-service, and guest applications. 

The hospitality business is prospering, mainly thanks to the comfort offered by the latest technology tools. Therefore, all you need to do to improve your hospitality business is to leverage some of the above-mentioned content interaction tools!

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