OMG! These 5 Tips Make My Trip a Trip of a Lifetime

Traveling is an incredible opportunity to open your mind doors and expand your friends’ circle.

Some people enjoy unplanned traveling. They seize the moment and can’t care less about where they’ll rest at night or what time their bus leaves in the morning. If you are more organized than that and like to plan your trips, you’ve landed on the right spot.

Here you can find five traveling tips that will make your trip both organized and spontaneous at the same time!


Be Optimistic, But Realistic


When putting up your travel itinerary, you want to be realistic. If you are trying to cover five countries in three days, you should reconsider your plans. Even five days for five countries wouldn’t be enough.

Measuring your time correctly is a crucial trick to have in mind when mapping out your ideas. How will you be able to genuinely enjoy the places you visit and the landscapes you see without taking the necessary time to appreciate them? 

As Robin Lee once said, “Create the habit of gratitude and watch your life transform.”

Being grateful for your travels can only happen when you are truly present in each moment.

So, be realistic. Choose quality over quantity.

Some quick tips –

  • Leave time to relax and recover after jetlag, don’t jump into the city right after landing
  • Spend at least two or three nights in one place to get the full experience
  • Calculate the amount of time you spend visiting each point and make a daily schedule
  • Leave enough free time to relax and have a blast doing precisely what you like (for instance, read a book or meditate)


Consider Your Budget or Be Efficient


Considering your budget and being efficient is not always mutually exclusive, but when traveling, they certainly come from opposite poles. For instance, you can’t expect to book a non-stop flight to Europe for a super-cheap price.

Cheap plane tickets are cheap for a reason – they feature many long layovers. So, before deciding what your plan is, make a budget and see where you stand: are you traveling on a tight budget or not?

If the answer is yes, here are some quick tips that might do the job for you –

  • Travel out of season to find better prices; avoid holidays!
  • Find free accommodation by using Couchsurfing
  • Pack light so you won’t have to spend money on hold luggage
  • Book your flights ahead of time for half the price! Choose the day you fly wisely. Tuesdays are the best!
  • Use public transportation when visiting a city and offload your Uber application so you won’t be tempted!
  • Don’t overeat! Yes, each country’s food is delicious and unique, but that doesn’t mean you should try all of its dishes in three days. Make eating out a special treat and choose to shop at the supermarket for other items. 
  • Last but not least, earn while traveling! Apply for remote jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelance jobs website. If you are passionate about writing or web design, you’ll find a job in less than one day and be able to spend more while visiting the world.


Be Flexible


Leaving no room for spontaneity while traveling is dull and tiresome; visiting museums and taking walks should not be something that you must do. It should be something that you genuinely enjoy doing. 

While some people feel comfortable planning out every single detail of their trip, others prefer to follow their instincts.

If you are spending too much time worrying about schedules and timetables, chances are your vacation will turn into a stressful experience. If, on the other hand, you choose to go with the flow carelessly, you might put yourself in dangerous situations.

Thus, balancing the two is the perfect opportunity to have the trip of your lifetime! 

Don’t hesitate to go off schedule whenever you feel like it – the beauty of traveling is enjoying freedom and exploring the unknown; if you are constantly stressed out about following your itinerary, there’s a high chance you won’t get the full experience; being afraid to fall behind schedule can determine you to miss out on extraordinary experiences. 


Be Logical


Check out the places you will visit beforehand. If you wander purposelessly throughout the city center with no clear destination in mind, you will lose precious time. As I mentioned previously, this does not mean you should plan out everything. 

“The secret is making a timeless to-do map, as I like to call it,” shares Lisa Cuddy, world traveler and freelance writer at ProEssayWriting “It refers to a must-see attraction map that you should check before leaving the hotel room.

For instance, if visiting Paris, you’d look at the map and think, ‘Today, I will visit Tour Eiffel, Place de la Concorde, and Les Invalides, but will not set up a time-bound schedule.’ You should simply draw the highlights on the map and enjoy your day. The goal is visiting these three spots today, no matter how long each one of them takes.”

Writing things down on a map will help you travel logically and save dead time. By following the map, you can easily spot where you are and find out what you could visit next. 


Get Feedback


When in doubt, ask for advice, don’t think twice about it. Ask an expert about your travel itinerary and get the necessary feedback. Maybe your dates don’t match, or you could find better flights at the same price, who knows? Ask a specialist, it’s worth trying and it won’t cost you anything.


Wrap Up

Enjoy traveling by being optimistic, yet realistic about your goals, considering your budget before leaving and mapping out a financial plan, being flexible, and crafting your plans logically. Have fun!


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