Top Hospitality Technology Trends of 2018

Technology is the buzzword of the last few decades and is now a key success factor in the hospitality industry. When the whole Hospitality industry is discussing robotics and technology, it is important to gather on what’s really in store for the hospitality industry in the future in terms of technology. So, let’s have a look at the top Hospitality technology trends of 2018.

Our post about the Hotel Industry Trends in 2017 and beyond already covers a few points on latest technology of the like of SaaS, Enhanced room technology, Mobile check-in etc. Let’s take things a notch higher as it’s 2018 that is taking us deeper into the era of artificial intelligence and club computing.


Top Hospitality Technology trends of 2018


  1. AI and Data Analytics

This is probably the most important one in the hospitality technology trends list of 2018.

Artificial intelligence (AI) gave the information technology industry the much-needed rejuvenation and now AI is almost into everything.

Well, our very own Hospitality industry is still cautious in terms of diving deep into AI. Although, few of the hotels are already using or rather testing AI.

Before we proceed, please have a look at the short video by Gartner to show 10 strategic technology trends of 2018. These are not specific to the Hospitality industry but it does the required technology priming of mind.


While AI is going to give new dimensions of the Hospitality industry through helping manage big data and in the management and integration of booking platforms, it will take customer service to the next level.

This is how AI can take customer service to next level:

  • Room service can be taken care by Robots- In 2014, start-up Savioke piloted the robotic butler for the service and hospitality industry. This is set to get more visible in 2018
  • California-based Residence Inn LAX also introduced a series of robots tailored for the hotel industry. Several other companies have followed the trend and 2018 will see a rise of these bots.



Image Courtesy- Sandbotrobot

  • Real-time order taking and in-room services based on customer presences are now within reach.
  • Automated features in the room and food & beverage services customised around individual customers is now possible.
  • Think of the impact AI can play in your travel plans, booking system, aviation and so on.

Data analytics is further helping the hotel industry to better understand customers and manage customer base effectively.




Image Courtesy- Silver Touch Technologies

Hospitality industry through data analytics can now understand and serve the customer better. Can there be a better news for an industry that thrives on service?


2. Digital Key in the Hotels

Mobile technology has now enabled hotels to introduce digital key.

Hilton Hotels already have this in beta phase. All travellers need to do is to download an app and the barcode they receive upon booking can act as a digital key.

Other hotel chains are expected to follow the same starting from 2018.



Siteminder- Technology trends


3. Blockchain in the Hospitality Industry

We have heard a lot about Blockchain with over $2 billion invested already in Blockchain.

Now think of the issues within the hospitality industry due to fraudulent transactions. The cases are numerous.

With Blockchain as a digital ledger that is incorruptible, the hospitality industry is set to benefit if incorporated properly.

May it be payments, supply chain management or customer loyalty programme Blockchain might very well revolutionize the Hospitality industry.



Top 5 Tech trends

Blockchain could Revolutionise Hospitality



This is another novel technology term that is replacing voice over Wi-Fi technology.

This is one of the Hospitality Technology trends that may very well catch up in 2018.

It is a mobile-enabling technology that offers hotel several sizzling features without forcing them to get tied to a fixed location.



Innovative Technology products in Hospitality


5. Virtual reality to enhance the travel experience

Japan has come up with a great Travel experience which teleports travellers to multiple global destinations.

You can take a two-hour flight where you can travel around the globe in a virtual environment. You can have takeoff and landing experience, lovely meal as well as the city tour of your favourite city.




In a similar experiment, Marriott Hotels have come up with virtual reality travel right from the room.

Now, this virtual reality although not a new technical term, has never realised the expanse it can achieve. 2018 may be the year when more and more organisations start using the same to enhance customer experience.


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Here we go. Some of the top Hospitality technology trends of 2018 were on display in this post.

Hope you enjoyed it. Please use the search box to search anything about the hospitality industry on this all hospitality portal.