Most Viral articles about Hospitality and Tourism in 2017

There are a lot of Viral articles about Hospitality and Tourism. These articles related to hospitality industry range from latest trends to better guest experience and everything in between.

In today’s contemporary world where everything is internet oriented, content in the form of articles on hospitality industry is important for any business in the industry.

The internet is where most businesses in the hospitality industry test drive their products and services.

The internet is also an excellent platform to market the services offered. For your articles about hospitality and tourism industry to be considered successful, they must go viral in order to reach the largest number of audiences.

We are already midway through this year. There have been numerous quality posts on the hospitality industry.

In this post, we have picked a few of those articles from various niches within the hospitality and tourism industries.


Viral Hospitality Articles of 2017


At this Global Hospitality Portal, few articles about hospitality and tourism industry published in 2016 have gone viral receiving over 100,000 views and still going strong.

These were the articles on Top Hospitality Management Schools, Average Hospitality Salaries in Dubai,  Astonishing Hospitality facts and the list continues.

You already know a lot about extremely popular articles at this portal. So, in this post, we have acknowledged the great contribution by a lot of other media channels and bloggers from the hospitality and tourism industry.

Here are some of the most viral articles about hospitality and tourism from platforms other than this:


The Telegraph has pulled a real good one which has gone on to become one of the viral articles about Hospitality and Tourism.

Customers are key to the success of the hospitality industry. Hospitality professionals do their level best to make everyone happy.

However, guests outwit team members at hospitality organisations by coming but with strange and ridiculous complaints. Don’t they?

Posted just about a week ago, the post has a compilation of Strangest Guest Complaints compiled by Flight booking website Just The Flight.

Well, we are not surprised that this post has gone viral.

Check for yourself and bring a few smiles on your faces.


If you are a travel enthusiast, you must have come across the blog named Nomadic Matt.

This is a popular blog post written about a week ago and getting great views already.

The article covers the gadgets (a lot of which you would already know) that would fit your travel needs as well as your budget.

So, the tech savvy people of the hospitality industry out there. This one is for you.

This Travel blog has almost everything for everyone. There are a lot of other interesting articles.

So, go for it and have a read.


This article on hospitality and tourism focuses on predicting trends that are bound to shape the hospitality industry.

This one focuses on trends that will impact the general experience of guests.

Some of the trends included are co-living as a new upcoming trend, evolution of concepts of loyalty as well as a complete revamp of what ‘local’ means in the hospitality game.

Give this a read. It’s an interesting one.


Hospitality Net is one of the most viewed hospitality websites.

And this article is one of the most viewed on this highly reputed website.

While this article has been published at the end of December, we have still included it in our list of viral articles because of the popularity of this article and the content which suits 2017.

The article looks at scope beyond 2017 as well making it a worthy read even in 2017 and beyond.


Now, this is an interesting one by The Sun, UK.

According to this article, a large number of hotels and resorts tend to reserve their best rooms in different price brackets to people and visitors that book their rooms directly.

Typically, people that reserve their rooms this way have to pay a steeper price.

Because of this, most hotels reserve the best rooms for them.

So forget the times when Hotels didn’t have the technology advantage of taking bookings directly.

It’s time for travellers to get in touch with hotels directly and book online on the hotel portals for best rooms and rewards.


Marketers, especially in the hospitality industry have a responsibility to improve the customer experience; otherwise, the business could suffer greatly.

This article includes key tips that can help businesses improve the way they interact and retain customers.


Here we go. A list of few viral articles about hospitality and tourism. Few were funny, few were informative while a few were highlighting technology and innovation.

Not only do these articles about hospitality offer valuable information regarding the industry, the new trends and necessary information about a hospitality business, content is also important because it drives sales.

Hope you enjoyed the quick compilation.

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