These are the Best Hospitality Awards in the world

The importance of awards in the hotel and the hospitality industry cannot be underestimated. In this post, we have compiled few of the most prestigious hospitality awards.

We all love recognition; don’t we? Today, hotel awards are increasingly difficult to win, which implies that they are more coveted.

An award in the hospitality industry represents an independent and public acknowledgement of a hospitality company’s effort to produce consistent and high-quality service across the board from the processes of checking in and out, to the services offered to guests.

Awards and prestigious ones, allow hospitality companies to nurture repeat business and maintain a solid reputation in the industry.

In truth, there is no honour greater that hosting an event dedicated to awarding accolades to other industry professionals.

Here are the best hospitality awards for your hands-on reference:


Best Hospitality Awards



These are prestigious hospitality awards dedicated to identify and highlight excellence in the hotel industry.

It is one of the most recognised establishment for 5-Star Hotel ratings.

These awards have recognised and awarded hoteliers and Top Hospitality Companies from over two decades through its 17 categories.


This is one of the most prestigious sets of hospitality awards.

The awards this year would be given away on 4th July at the Grosvenor House by JW Marriott’s in London, UK.

These awards are also commonly known as the Catey Awards and are held each year in the UK for top players in the hospitality industry.

These hospitality awards include a unique mix of people, businesses and places.

The Catey awards welcome thousands of applications from hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry, with the event sometimes being categorised as one of the biggest and most prestigious awards for hotelkeepers.

The recipients of the Catey are typically nominated and selected by a magazine of the same name.

One of the most prestigious categories is the Chef’s award that has been enjoyed by the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Raymond Blanc.


This is probably the Oscars for the Hotel industry.

The Gold List is released each year by the Conde Nast Traveller.

It features and awards most Unique hotels in the world, where visitors can enjoy unique experiences and adventures.

The list, which features the editor’s top picks of their favourite establishments spans six continents and features hotels from over 45 countries.

The list not only categorises the best hotels, but it also gives readers and audiences recommendations regarding which hotels and cruise lines to invest in that are worth the money.


These awards are offered to the international hotel industries that demonstrate and showcase original initiatives and thriving innovations.

May it be the best hotelier, Most innovative Hotel concepts in the world, Best Employee, The Wow factor or other features that make the hospitality industry special.

The candidates considered for the award must demonstrate their constant evolution in the industry.

More than 150 applicants apply each year.

The awards are an excellent representation of the hospitality industry’s diversity internationally.


This unique hospitality award is given by the Hospitality Financial and Technical Professionals.

It gives the award to the best CHTP or Certified Hospitality Technology Professional recipient.

Each year, a group of experts analyse and awards honours to the person that scored the highest in the CHTP certification given in that year.


Best Hospitality Awards 1


This was a quick list of the top hospitality awards. If you are from the hotel industry or from other industries of the hospitality sector, these might be of great interest to you.

Aim high and apply for consideration to these awards.

And, please don’t forget to flaunt your awards by adding them to your LinkedIn profile.

Hope you enjoyed this post about hospitality awards. Use the search box on our homepage to search anything else related to the hospitality industry. For a reason, we call it the ‘Hospitality Search Engine’.


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