Most Beautiful Hotels in the World – A Delightful List for all Travel Enthusiasts

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 12 most beautiful hotels in the world.

It was a difficult task to pick the best Hotels in the world but we have picked our list by considering location, luxury, décor, art, price, facilities, cuisines and age of establishment.

Even after all the efforts, we would make no claims about picking the best and the most beautiful hotels in the world. As is said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

The list could have gone on and on as the Hotel industry is full of creativity. We have just showcased a few of the most beautiful creations of our very own hospitality world. Hope this list delights all hospitality and travel enthusiasts. Let’s get going now!


12 most beautiful hotels in the world


All the hotels are unique, amazing and beautiful. They have redefined hospitality, art, creativity and luxury.

We have not ranked these 12 most beautiful Hotels in any order and in no way do we make any claims about our list.


1.  Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai- Best hotels of the world



If there is a Hotel which has the maximum ‘wow’ factor, it is this Hotel which is located in one of the best places in Dubai. Hospitality travellers get awestruck by this classy property.

Armani Hotel Dubai is the first hotel which is designed and developed by Giorgio Armani.

Reflecting the true nature of Giorgio Armani, simplicity, elegance, and comfort define this property.

May it be location, service, class, elegance or design; Armani Hotel is a delight for travellers.

May it be staying in guest rooms or dining at any of the outlets, all you get to savour here is the innovative and classy approach to hospitality by Giorgio Armani.

Full of options with special experiences, you will be wowed by the personal reflection of Armani in the hotel.

Armani Dubai features on our list of Best Hotels in Dubai.

Dubai is indeed a place of opportunities for hospitality and travel enthusiasts.

More and more luxury hotels and resorts are opening up in Dubai.


2. Auberge du Soleil


Auberge du Soleil Napa Valley most beautiful hotels


Let’s travel to the other part of the world now. Also, we shift from a classy property like Armani to an awesome boutique property of Napa Valley.

It is definitely one to be on the list of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

Auberge du Soleil has been stealing hearts for decades now. Travellers chose this place for a getaway from busy life and there is no better retreat than this place.

About 3 decades ago this hotel was established as one of Northern California’s most reserved dining establishments. This hotel is located in the Napa Valley and it is surrounded by mountains.

In all guest rooms, down bedding and duvets, private outdoor terraces for relaxing and dining are available at this hotel.

When it started, it was a hospitality experience par excellence.

It continues to innovate and when the world is pushing for more, this place lets you relax and slow down to unwind yourself.


3.  Baur au Lac


Baur au lac Zurich most beautiful hotels


Can Switzerland stay out of the scene if we speak about hospitality?

Well, when we speak of the most beautiful hotels in the world,  we now make way to the place of Europe which is synonymous with Hospitality.

So, we pick Baur Au Lac which is a part of the deluxe collection of most beautiful hotels in Switzerland.

41 most beautiful hotels of Switzerland come under the Swiss Deluxe Hotels umbrella.

While all of these 41 hotels are a delight of hospitality, Baur Au Lac is the one we have picked to be placed on this elite list due to its location, uniqueness and historical advantages.

This hotel is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Established in 1844, this hotel is steeped in 170 years of tradition and also this hotel has been owned by the same family for six generations.

Baur Au Lac enjoys the wonderful and unique location overlooking the Alps and lake. Amazing isn’t it and pretty of course.


4. Bellagio Las Vegas


The Fountains of Bellagio at night.


If we speak about most beautiful hotels, we can’t skip Las Vegas, the city of casinos in the United States.

Las Vegas, The city that never sleeps, is home to a lot of huge hotels with Bellagio leading the pack.

Las Vegas is the home to a few of the Best Casino Hotels in the World.

Bellagio is 5 Diamond Award-winning hotel. If you are unsure about what the Diamonds mean, check our Hotel Star Rating Guide to know about how the Diamond system and star ratings of Hotel work.

It offers 3,922 guest rooms and suites, and also 66000 square foot spa and salon, eight bars and restaurants, seven dining outlets and more.

That’s huge and majestic, isn’t it? This Hotel provides the tourists with an experience of the vastness of the hospitality industry and also the diversity.


5. Belmond Copacabana Palace


This hotel is not simply a hospitality establishment but it is also a piece of art. It is located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

It is the most traditional and luxurious hotel in Rio that opened back in 1923. This wonderful hotel offers gourmet cuisine and great dining outlets.

It is the first choice of VIPs from Brazil as well as from all over the world because of its classy hospitality and a stellar reputation.

Belmont Copacabana Palace is definitely worth an entry on our list of the best hotels in the world.

Brazil attracts a lot of tourists and this hotel is a perfect getaway for all those who are exploring to stay at the most beautiful hotels in the world.



6. Carlisle Bay, Antigua


Carlisle Bay is one of the best hotels in the world with about 90 irresistibly spacious suites from junior to 3 bedrooms.

This hotel offers good cooking, contemporary luxury, and thoughtful service. With a backup of wonderful rainforest and hill, Carlisle bay is set on the unspoilt south coast of Antigua.

These are all great 5 star properties around the globe.

5 star is like a holy grail in the hotel industry. These are the handpicked properties with the coveted 5-star ratings.


7. Carlton Hotel Baglioni


Carlton Hotel is located in Milan, Italy at the crossroads of fashion, culture and design as it directly overlooks Della Spiga.

It is one of the most beautiful 5-star hotels in the country and the world. It is perfect for both business trips and leisure.

This hotel is able to offer about 90 rooms and suites, 2 elegant restaurants, the Spiga 8 spa with seven treatment rooms and 5 meeting rooms.


8.  Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul


Ciragan Palace Istanbul best hotels in the world


Ciragan Palace Kempinski hotel is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This hospitality establishment is the host of the most prestigious and extravagant events in Turkey.

It is once upon a time residence of Ottoman Sultans and has resorted to its former look. This hotel is the only luxury hotel in Istanbul.

It is surrounded by a wonderful lake and green rainforests.


9.  Claridges London



This hotel is located in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom.

Claridges London is one of the most renowned hotels in the world.

It is based on the true English style reflecting English sophistication and culture. This is one of the most competitive places to get selected for a job and among the most beautiful hotels in the world in most of the lists.

There are about 205 bedrooms in this hotel that boasts of cutting edge technology in entertainment and communication.


10.  Clift San Francisco


Clift is a boutique luxury hotel. This hotel is located in San Francisco, United States.

We have included this hotel on the list of most beautiful hotels in the world as it is a wonderful fusion of old-world hotel with distinctly commentary glamour and energy. It has a distinctive touch of hospitality to awe its customers and employees.

From the digital art exhibitions to surrealistic magic, this hotel provides its customers with a new sense of diversity.


11.  Dukes Hotel London


Another boutique Luxury Hotel in the list of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

This is a place to be for the royals. Perfection and order of hospitality can be observed and felt here.

Dukes Hotel is also located in London, United Kingdom and is one of the Best Boutique Hotels in London.

It is a well-deserved hotel to be on this list because of its excellent reputation and fabulously location. In 2007, this hotel has been completely renovated.

It is popularly said that here you come as a guest and leave as a friend.


12 Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur


This hotel is a treat in terms of architecture and design.

Owned by the famous Taj Group of Hotels in India, this hotel is nothing less than Majestic. It is one of the best hotels in the world.

As a part of the famous Taj group of India, travellers get to experience the Unique Tajness Concept of service.

The palace is located in Jodhpur, India. People consider this hotel as one of the most luxurious places to stay in India.


Umaid Bhawan Palace/Jodhpur/India


The hotel was a palace that was then converted into a hotel preserving all the history, structure, architecture and vintages items.

It gives the guests to experience great adventure while accommodating in the residing hotel.

The hotel is huge, and it has got many rooms to accommodate people. The people of India consider the hotel as the best option for the destination wedding.

The intricate detail will let the tourists know about the majestic architecture and experience magical details while living in it.

We would have loved to show you the gallery for several exquisite images but we are on another mission here. To show you a few of the best hotels in the world.



I am sure we have missed a few great names. There a few amazing pre-opening hotels that we have covered in another article worthy to be added to this list of most beautiful hotels in the world.

We are catching up with most great hotels with dedicating a separate article to these beautiful hotels.

To keep exploring more, you can look at a lot of our extremely popular posts on great hotels like our articles on  Burj Al Arab DubaiLavish Ritz Paris and a lot more.

Explore for yourself. It’s a hospitality world out here at the Global Hospitality Portal.

Hope you liked the collection of a few of the most beautiful and the best hotels in the world.

We will keep adding more astonishing properties to this article in our future updates.