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In this post, we have focused on 10 hotel website designs that would amaze you. Today, never-ending technological innovations, the advent of new devices, the prevalence of the internet and the increased access to it are all components that have helped to shape and change the hotel industry. 

When it comes to a hotel’s website design, new development and tools have made it easier than ever for businesses in the hotel industry to leave a digital footprint and presence. 

This has allowed businesses to communicate with their clients better, which has ultimately improved customer experience for the better. 

Top Hotel Chains from all over the world ensure that they have the best design for their websites to set the right experience for everyone. 

So, why is it important to have a super website design for all hotels?

  • The list is long but here are a few crucial points to consider. 
  • The first Impression counts. The Hotel website is what the prospective customer sees first.
  • A well designed top hotel website plays a major role in attracting clients.
  • Guests have become tech-savvy.
  • Guests are expected to come back to the website they have loved most.

And many others. We leave this discussion for later to get to the best-designed hotel websites. The topic of this article.

10 Stunning Hotel Website Designs

Furthermore, if a hotel cannot be found online by customers in this global contemporary atmosphere that we live in, does it even exist?

Here are 10 stunning hotel website designs to give you some much-needed inspiration:

Top Hotel Website Designs

It pays to have a functional and easy to use website, but it must also communicate the brand message of the hotel.

Having a well-designed website is an indispensable part of the key marketing strategies in the hotel industry. 

Like all businesses that want to succeed out there, the hotel industry must also adjust to accommodate the changes that are affecting the industry.  

If they do not, they risk losing out to competitors.

We have not listed the Hotel websites in any order.

  • Adriatic Luxury Hotels 

The website of Adriatic Hotels is great because it goes to great lengths to include great video clips.

The blog is also very informative and well-written, helping to position it as industry leaders.

Check the screenshot of the website. 

Top hotel website design

This Luxury Hotel chain ensures that it gets you, the travel lovers and explorers, excited before you make it to their hotel.

  • 7132 Hotel

The 7132 Hotel website has won several awards due to its excellent features and ease of use. 

It also has a history timeline and its animation menu ties the design elements together.

So, it might look a bit slow due to the animation but it’s worth the wait. 

  • Hotel Plaza Paris

The website of Hotel Plaza showcases some of the best qualities of its hotel including images of the interior and exterior. 

It is one of the most creative hotel web designs on this list.

Would you not agree?

Top hotel web designs

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel

Yes, another one from the Dorchester Collection to display how they are acing the art of hotel web design.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, which is also part of the Dorchester Group is easy to navigate and it has high-quality images that help to keep the user engaged.

In the list of top 24 best hotel website designs, Codrop has listed the Beverly Hills as one of the most inspirational and attractive designs.

We agree with every bit of the same.

  • The Swiss Hotels and Resorts

Now, this is our favourite because of the colour, location and message.

This website of Swissotel has a rich colour palette that helps the customer to easily identify the brand and it also helps the hotel to set itself apart from competing businesses.

This website gives you a feel for the Swiss Hospitality like a lot of other top hotels in Switzerland. 

Designmodo lists the website in its top 15 hotel website designs. Check out their list here to explore the remaining 14 awesome hotel website designs for inspiration. 

  • Weslaco

Minimalist yet grand is what you can say about the hotel website design of Weslaco.

The Weslaco hotel website is interactive, easy to navigate and is very well designed which are all features of some of the best website designs.

It sends out a clear message that you can expect easy go lucky sort of attitude at this place. Service with elegance is another thing can be inferred from the design of the website of this hotel.

  •  St Moritz

St Moritz has an appealing banner that gives the website a clean and neat look.

The message is clear. You can expect a scenic neighbourhood and typical Swiss Hospitality.

So, does this website do justice in establishing the right connect with its targeted audience?

Have a look at this screenshot and decide for yourself.

Awesome hotel website designs

  • Gramercy Park Hotel

Loaded with information, yet elegant and classy.

The Gramercy has used its website well to represent an air of class and sophistication which will appeal to high-end clients.

The target market is established and it caters to the luxury hospitality market.

The theme is set to attract the customers looking for superior luxury and classy service.

Websites must be a replica of the organisation and it is this very feature that makes all these websites designs awesome.

  • Cas Angelina

Now let’s go boutique in our selection of stunning hotel website design.

The website of Cas Angelina is highly interactive thanks to the page animation, as well as the background music that makes the user experience enjoyable.

So, if you love the luxury boutique experience, the website succeeds in getting the attention. 

  • Niseko Hakuunso

This is a super interesting and interactive hotel website design. 

The website of Niseko Hakuunso has a different user interface for every season, which is not only creative but eye-catching as well.

Have a look.


If you are not having enough of the hotel website designs then you can find a few more stunning hotel website designs as well as those of restaurants on Sitepoint and Awwwards. 

Egrappler also has some jaw-dropping hotel website designs on its top 30 list.

Hope you enjoyed our compilation of a few of the best and jaw-dropping hotel web designs.

For Hoteliers, these designs and the templates given in the resources of this article would help your creative juices to flow in case you are looking to revamp the website of your company.

If you are a travel enthusiast, just plan a vacation to one of these hotels. They are better experienced on site. 

Stay around for more hospitality-related articles, jobs, news and much more. 


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